Who are we?

One of Twelve is an Australian organisation that showcases the work of emerging and established artists from the Asia Pacific region. We are dedicated to celebrating and contributing to the art sector of this region in a tangible way, by the production of high quality, silk garments depicting collaborating artists work. These unique pieces are each accompanied by an artist card, detailing the maker’s work and practice.

Where are our artists from?

One of Twelve is based in Australia, so we are particularly focused and interested in art from our country and those that surround us. We work directly with Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander art centers, whose important, empowering work is essential to their communities. Every artist that collaborates with us receives royalties from your purchase and you will find links to their representing galleries on their profile page.

Collaboration with BEPA

One of Twelve has partnered with BEPA, a not-for-profit organisation that helps to promote and export Bilums from Papua New Guinea all over the world. Bilums are traditional bags, woven specifically by women, and their unique patterns reflect the values, history and symbolism of their maker.

This unique process ensures that each bilum is as individual and special as the woman who made it, an artwork in itself. Every purchase of a bilum ensures that BEPA can provide an avenue of income, as well as education programs for bilum makers and their families.

Along with BEPA, we have teamed up with bilum artist, business woman and Goroka bilum co-operative founder Florence Jaukae Kamel who has sourced a selection of bilums from the Eastern Highlands of PNG. You can read more about Florence and bilums here.

We are deeply grateful and honored to have the opportunity to work with the artists, art centers, makers, creatives and countless others who have contributed to transforming the vision of One of Twelve into reality.


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