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Wokka Taylor

Born: Circa 1939, Kulyakartu, WA
Country: Martu
Skin: Karimarra
Parnngurr, WA

Wokka Taylor, a Martu man, was born circa 1939 in the far north of the Martu homelands near Kulyakartu. During pujiman (traditional, desert dwelling times) times, Taylor and his family travelled to Kulyakartu in the wet season. During the dry season they travelled south to the Percival Lakes region, camping at its numerous waterholes along the way.

A respected senior Martumili artist and Martu Elder, Taylor works as a Parnngurr Ranger, drawing on his ecological and cultural expertise in caring for Country. Taylor’s extensive knowledge of Martu Country has seen him contribute to culturally important collaborative works alongside fellow Martumili artists. Such works are intimate renderings of Country, often depicting the Martu native title determination, an area of over 136,000 km2 to which the Martu were awarded exclusive native title rights. These collaborative works are characterised by their astonishing ecological complexity, describing Martu Country in incredible intricacy from its subterranean layers up.


This work depicts Kulyakartu, a significant site in the far north of the Martu homelands. During pujiman (traditional, desert dwelling) times, Taylor and his family travelled to Kulyakartu in the wet season to take advantage of the vast grassy planes that made for excellent hunting.

Wokka and his brother Muuki, also an artist, are highly regarded senior Martu men. Together, they hold an encyclopaedic knowledge of Martu Country, including a deep understanding of the ecology and biodiversity of their land. In collaborative works, the brothers have been known to chart the intricate network of underground waters sustaining their Country.

Taylor’s signature style features densely layered dot work that flows rhythmically across the canvas, suggesting warm winds moving gently over sandhills or soft desert grasses. In this work, Taylor lovingly traces sinuous blue lines that snake their way across the plush grasslands of Kulyakartu, conjuring images of subterranean waters that support the fragile biodiversity of this site.

Art Centre
Martumili Artists
East Pilbara Art Centre
Newman Drive, Newman
WA 6753
Court House Gallery, Port Headland, WA
Aboriginal Contemporary, Sydney, NSW
Aboriginal Signature, Bruessels ,Belgium)
Artitja, Freemantle, WA
McCulloch and Mculloch, Shoreham, VIC
Paul Johnstone Gallery, Darwin, NT
Suzanne O’Connell Gallery, New Farm, QLD
Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
Yaama Ganu, Moree, NSW
Wokka Taylor photographed by Tobias Titz
Kulyakartu Ngurra silk tie by Wokka Taylor
Silk tie featuring the work
Kulyakartu Ngurra
Acrylic on Linen, 2013

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