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The Pintupi Nine

The Pintupi Nine became an international sensation when they walked in from the desert 20 years ago. Now, the survivors are finally willing to tell their astonishing story of life before – and after – the white man invaded their lands.

Papunya Tula Artists, Masters of the Western Desert

Since its inception, Papunya Tula Artists has become both an iconic art canon and model Indigenous enterprise, with original and new generations of artists creating awe-strikingly powerful works that continue to captivate audiences the world over.

Florence, the Bilum Mama.

Florence Jaukae Kamel is a advocate for both women and bilums. We recently spent some time with her to ask her a few questions. "We work with bilum weavers, many who are single mothers, or widows, or married women whose husbands are not working. Often, they have no formal education so they cannot find a job, and I help them to make bilums so they can look after their families. The women can earn their own money, so it gives them a real sense of independence, and helps them support their families and their communities."

Hatches, matches and despatches

We decided to take 5 with iconic Canberra florist Moxom and Whitney with owners Lou and Belinda to do a Rosie the Riveter photo shoot to prove that We local businesses Can Do It during the COVID lockdown!


Florence It is high time I introduce Florence Jaukae Kamel to the One of Twelve community. I’ve just spent a week in Goroka in the…

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