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Frequent Questions

Yes. All artists receive royalties from your purchase.

Yes. The Indigenous Art Code has recently undergone some changes in an effort to find a model that works. We believe and adhere to the values and principles of the code and are hopeful that these changes will make for a more robust regulatory framework. For more details on the code, please visit the website.

Due to the delicate nature of silk, we recommend dry clean only and a warm iron if necessary.

Acrylic Bilums can be hand washed in normal laundry detergent. We often soak overnight with some “oxy action” stain remover such as Nappy San.

Tightly woven acrylic bilums can handle a gentle setting in a washing machine, though if you want to be safe hand washing is best.

Natural Fibre bilums are made of fibre from trees. As such, they are not able to get wet as they will deteriorate. They are exceptionally durable if treated correctly and will last for many years with heavy use.

Natural fibre bilums are often made using natural dyes that are derived from plants, mud and charcoal. These can fade over time, particularly if left in the sun. Leave your bilums out of direct sunlight when possible. These natural dyes are normally fixed with salt, which helps to keep the dye in place but it may rub off on pale clothes.

Bilums are all handmade and as such have inherent variations. They can also change over time- fibres can soften and natural dyes can mellow.