Oh huni, it was so good to chat silk scarf by Katie Eraser

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In Oh huni, it was so good to chat, bending planes of colour and curved shapes form an image that comforts us. The artwork centres on a stooping plane of warm orange that complements the cool blue twirl it connects to, both elements enhancing each other through their contrasting hues. Underneath them and off to the side, the layering of yellow on pink creates more correspondences and empathic relations, as what might be the shape of a heart floats diagonally out of view.

By carefully mixing her own colours and sympathetically exploring how particular tones interact with one another, Katie Eraser draws the viewer into a world of sensations and emotions playing out in space. This honest sharing of feelings through paint establishes a rapport between us and the image, helping to explain why Oh huni is so very captivating.

110cm x 110cm 14mm 100% silk satin with hand rolled edges.
All of our scares come in a beautiful giftbox and include an Artist’s card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.


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Katie Eraser