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Purlkartu- Spider Scarf by John Prince Siddon


Purlkartu – Spider depicts the iconic red back spider as it fashions a web in the form of continental Australia, sweeping up an array of native fauna in its weave. This work beautifully captures Siddon’s artistic style, which blends traditional dot and line work with modern realism. Siddon is known for experimentation, with his creations straddling a range of forms and media and incorporating a combination of subjects. Of his work the artist says:

“Landscape, dreamtime, stories, kids’ paintings, poetry……put them all together, its all the same with all my painting it’s all mixed up”

As you dive into Purlkartu – Spider, you’ll continue to notice a range of familiar elements, from characters to shapes and patterns, seemingly hidden at first glance in the rich density of Siddon’s visual storytelling.

108cm x 108cm 16mm 100% silk satin with hand rolled edges and double sided printing.

All of our scarves come in a beautiful giftbox and include an Artist’s card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.

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